Step 1: Get whitelisted

Before you can participate to the LAB token sale your ETH address must be whitelisted

Step 2: Send your contribution

When your ETH address is whitelisted, you can now join the public pre-sale & buy your LabCoins.

ETH contribution address:

Reminder: DO NOT send ETH from an exchange.

Here are some instructions for Metamask & MyEtherWallet users if you need guidance:

If you do not have a MyEtherWallet wallet, please go to this page ( and follow the instructions.

      1. Go to the “Send Ether & Tokens” section ( of MyEtherWallet.
      2. Unlock your wallet (if you do not know how to do, please follow those instructions ( Be sure that the wallet address you are sending ETH from is whitelisted. If not, your transaction will fail (you will of course not loose your invested ETH in this case).
      3. In the “To Address” field, enter the following address: 0x944336fb4bb68e694a7d15e500d0715c9871500b
      4. In the “Amount to Send”, enter the amount you want to invest in the LabStart pre-sale. The minimum contribution is 0,1 ETH.
      5. In the field “Gas Limit”, enter the following value: 200000. Do not add anything in the “Data” field.
      6. Click on the “Generate Transaction” button.
      7. Click on the “Send Transaction” button.
      8. Verify that the amount you want to invest and the recipient address are correct and click on “Yes, I am sure! Make transaction.”.
      9. Copy your transaction hash if you want to follow the status on your transaction.
      10. Still on the same page ( of MyEtherWallet, on the right, in the “Token Balances” section, click on “Add Custom Token”.
      11. Enter the following informations:
        – Token Contract Address: 0x53f2982282727255d4b1ef58d06f1ad7fc8e4f91
        – Token Symbol: LAB
        – Decimals: 18
      12. Click on “Save”
      13. You should now see the amount of LAB you own, in the “Token Balances” section. If you see 0 please verify that your transaction has been validated.

The LabCoin contract is located at the following address:

Get your referral link

Give your referral link to your friends and get back a 10% bonus LAB on every investment they make in the LabStart Token Sale: